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Direct Mail is one of the most important components in your marketing plan. Direct mail marketing is the process of directly sending your message via flyers, brochures, leaflets etc. to your desired target audience.

Creating an effective mailing campaign can be a challenging process. To learn more about creating and designing your direct mail marketing material, feel free to view our section on - "Tips and Advice for Creating Effective Direct Mail Marketing Material for B2B or B2C"

One of the biggest benefits of Direct Mail Marketing is that its effectiveness can be measured directly. For instance, if you mail one hundred thousand solicitations by mail, and ten thousand respond, you can with confidence how effective your campaign was.

To create an effective direct mail marketing campaign, you have the right agency who develops the right creative and has the right list to get to that direct audience. We are experts at delivering successful direct mail marketing business to business and business to customer campaigns.

How can Real Profit Solutions Help with you Direct Mail Marketing?

Mailing Lists: - Click Here to See our Qualified Mailing List Services

One of the most common mistakes with direct mail marketing is not using the right list. A list with 10,000 random names will be less effective than a list with 1,000 qualified leads. The best list you can have is your own in house list. Gathering information about your customers during purchases or promotions is an excellent way to build your qualified customer database. See our customer information database collection services to learn more on how you can get your qualified mailing list started today.

If you do not already have a qualified mailing list, we can get one for you. Our double opt-in mailing lists will be created with your direct market qualifications in mind. We do not practice spam techniques and all our subscribers have chosen to receive marketing material that is of interest to them. We specialize in the North American Market (Canada and the United States) and supply assorted lists such as: sales, marketing, telemarketing, opt in e-mails, leads, direct mail, surveys, business to business, business to consumer and charity lists.

Direct Mail Marketing Copy writing

Not sure how to word your advertisement? Leave it up to the professionals to create the direct mail materials that will give you the best response. Our direct mail marketing experts integrate their marketing knowledge with the proficient copy writing skills to produce for you, quality material that will speak directly to your audience.

Designing Professional Direct Mail Material

Our graphic design department will be able to create professional marketing material for any of your direct mail marketing needs. We create direct mail brochures, direct mail post cards, direct mail flyers and more!

Direct Mail Marketing Printing Services

Real Profit Solutions is a one stop business center. We will be able to handle all the printing for your mailing materials. Dealing with multiple companies can be a hassle and time consuming. Your time can be spent better elsewhere. Leave the print services up to us!

Direct Mail Marketing Mail Outs

So you have everything ready to go but sending out one thousand, ten thousand or even one hundred thousand! mail outs can become overwhelming. We are able to automate this tedious task for you. All addresses are professionally printed on and appropriate postage costs are attached. All you have to do is sit back and watch the responses roll in.

Real Profit Solutions is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Not only do we provide direct mail marketing in Vancouver BC, but our services can be done North America wide. Direct Mail Marketing can be done for any location. Contact us today to learn more about our direct mail marketing services and receive a free estimate on the costs.


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