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Finding the right graphic design company can be an interesting challenge. Many companies offer graphic design services but in this competitive market place, is just creating something that looks nice enough? What if your graphics design company was also a professional marketing company with the knowledge and experience to know how to create material for your company that not only looks nice, but is also effective!

Real Profit Solutions provides graphic design services in Vancouver, BC and throughout North America. We specialize in creating professional and effective graphics to fit all your business needs. Our graphic design services specializes in developing your corporate identity package which includes our logo design services, business card design, letterhead design, and informational brochure design. Our graphic design services also extends into professional web site graphic design, sales material, power point marketing presentations and more!

Our Graphic Design Services and Corporate Packages:

See our corporate marketing packages to select what would be the best option for you.

Professional Branded Company Logo Design

Designing your company's logo is one of the most important steps in your branding efforts. The ideal logo needs to tap your inner emotions, stimulate a visual appeal and carve an imprint into your consumers memory. We provide professionally custom designed logo's to fit into your branding and marketing strategy.

Professional Full Color Business Brochure Design

Using a Brochure to market your product or service can be an effective method to educate your market and reinforce your professionalism and brand. Effective brochures designs include being colorful, properly formated and delivering your information in a clear and concise manner. Real Profit Solutions will create visually unique and appealing brochure designs to use for your marketing efforts. Our brochure design services are ideal for your direct and indirect channel marketing efforts. Educate your resellers about new products and services. Combined with our direct mail marketing services, brochures are an all around effective tool to include in your arsenal of marketing materials. Not only will we design your brochure for you, but we offer brochure printing services where you can select from a variety of sizes, colors and quantity.

Professional Custom Business Card Design

When was the last time you were given a business card and were WOW'ed? Leaving a lasting impression on a potential client is what great business card design is all about. Once used to present important contact information, today business cards play a vital role in a company's branding and marketing efforts. As small as it may be, your business card can have a huge impact on how your company is perceived. Let us help you develop those long-term business relationships by having Real Profit Solutions create your high quality custom designed business cards. We will take care of everything from the design to the business card printing.

Company Letterhead Design

Custom designed letterheads are a great branding tool to place within your corporate marketing material. Personalized letterheads evoke a sense of professionalism and will aid in increasing your business image. We create professional letterheads which can be used for all your documents and PDF's. Our letterhead printing & services will allow you to choose from a range of paper types and quantity.

Sales Material Design - Power point Presentations

Give your power point presentations an added kick with customized graphic backgrounds. Following our corporate branding principles, keeping all your sales material continuous will help reinforce your company image. We can create your power point sales material and even convert it into a video with voice over features to be able to easily send your presentations across the internet.



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