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Have you invented a product that needs software to operate safely or more efficiently?
Do you need your invention to talk to the outside world?

We are experienced being in places where we are told “that cannot work” and create the box that others work within. Our passion is to create working solutions even if we have to create the tools needed.

There are many different types of software that will enable your invention to operate the way you desire. Embedded software on a chip, software that runs on Linux/Windows/iOS or some other flavour are areas that we can take care of for you. Smart phones and tablets may add a whole new dimension to your invention. We will recommend what technology is needed for your solution and build the software for your invention.

By creating the software for your invention, we also test your invention from a new perspective to assist your creativity. You will be involved in the process to ensure everything operates the way you feel. Your invention is an extension of you, right?

Check out our custom software for some insight into what we can do with you.

Why don’t you contact us and we can explore your needs? Your query will be kept in the strictest confidence.



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