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Targeted & Qualified Business and Consumer Direct Mailing Lists.

If you could cut through the marketing noise of your competitors and target those people or businesses that are ready to buy your product or service would you be interested?

Your potential customers are increasingly being bombarded with messages to buy goods and services whether it is via e-mail marketing, direct mail marketing, telemarketing or faxing. The key to success is to target the right people with the right message.

The question is: how do you find the right people and/or businesses? And when you find them, how do you get their attention?

Real Profit Solutions Inc, will help you to identify and effectively target these prospects. We will even work with you to design your message to get the response that you need!

Regarding lists, we specialize in the North American Market (Canada and the United States) and supply assorted lists such as: sales, marketing, telemarketing, leads, direct mail, surveys, business to business, business to consumer and charity lists.

List Types and Why Do We Use Them:

Marketing Lists are completely scaleable (will fit any budget), are measurable and help to ensure that you are only targeting those people or businesses that will want to buy your product or service.

Business Mailing Lists

Target businesses using company name, phone, fax, company type, address, contact info plus more. Using qualified leads for your business to business direct mail marketing will result in a higher ROI for your campaign.

Consumer Mailing Lists

Target Individuals using name, address, phone, age, children, buying info plus more. Generate better results with your business to customer (B2C) direct mail marketing efforts when sending to consumers that are actually interested in your product or service

Mixed Mailing Lists

Can have either a business lists or consumer list with just name, address or can have other data depending on what is needed.

Telemarketing Mailing Lists

Targeted data such as name, phone, address, areas of interest to be able to sell and up sell on the telephone.

Opt In E-Mail Mailing Lists

Due to Email SPAM regulations, we currently do not supply email lists. However, if you already have a an email list, we can help you set up a direct email marketing plan. A very inexpensive way to keeping in touch with your past customers!

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