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Tips and Advice for Creating Effective Direct Mail Marketing Material for B2B or B2C

Creating an effective mailing campaign can be a difficult task and understanding how to captivate your viewer in the instant they pick up your message. Creating the right message is important and below are several ways on how you can create the most effective direct mail campaign.

Follow the AIDA principle:

Attention: Attract your reader's attention with a simple and single-minded message.
Interest: Create interest - elaborate on the benefits of your offer.
Desire: Generate a desire - concentrate on how your reader will benefit from taking   up your offer.
Action: Make sure your call to action is urgent, and give a deadline.

Other suggestions for creating a powerful and effective mail campaign

Give a free gift and highlight it prominently in order to increase response

Use short copy to tease your readers and promote them to read on. Stuffing allot of text can overwhelm your reader and end up in them throwing the flyer away

Keep it simple - Minimize buzz words and dont overwhelm on the imagery

Use graphic design and texts to make your presentation more visually appealling. Keep your text fonts continuous. Using many different fonts makes your material look overly busy.

Consult with specialists. Hire a professional graphic designer (see our graphic design services). Use a professional direct mail copywriter for your content and consult a direct-mail company to review and provide feedback. It is always helpful to have an non-objective third party look over your material because they may see things differently than you may.

Give your audience many reasons to buy such as using examples and backing up your claims with proof of credibility. A short but sweet testimonial or a past success story can be helpful.

If you are looking for a survey response, or a mail order, then provide a postage paid reply cards or envelopes.

Try to personalize as much as you can. Do you have their first name? Some people even use a Post-It to capture the audiences attention. Be creative

Have an inticing prominent offer and use a no-risk guarantee. Create deadlines for a sense of urgency. I.e. "The first 100 respondants will receive.." or "Offer ends..". You can also offer free trial periods of your product or service permits. Make sure you keep your sales pitch brief and highlight the benefits. Sometimes people forget about the all important "Call to Action" Make sure you tell your reader, what you exactly want from them.

Tell the whole story but do not dwell on history and background of the company. If you find your copy is getting too long, break them up with graphics or white space. Keep your paragraphs short.

Tell the whole story but do not dwell on history and background of the company. If you find your copy is getting too long, break them up with graphics or white space. Keep your paragraphs short.

Promote your viewer to see additional services or specials by having them go to you professionally designed web site. Makes sure your website address is on all your marketing materials.

If you have promotional marketing material left over, deliver them to trade organizations or send them to educational institutions.

Using odd and different shapes for your marketing material will grab the viewers attention.

Using a promotion specific only to your marketing campaign will allow you to easily measure the direct response of the viewer.

Include your business card if sending an envelope. Mail that appears lumpy or bulky tends to get more attention. Viewers will become interested on what is inside.


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