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Competing in any business market has its challenges and when combined with the difficulties of achieving a unique position and competitive advantage, you may be facing a costly up hill battle. Branding is essentially the subliminal process that is integrated into a company's marketing plan strategy in order to "burn an imprint" into their consumers minds so that they will easily remember and associate their products and services over their competitors.

Today, branding recognition is around us everywhere and plays a vital role in every marketing step a company will take. If you are looking at launching a new product or service, or even considering a face-lift to your current undesirable company perception, following a proper marketing and branding implementation strategy should be one of the first areas you look at in your business model. Branding has moved beyond just logo's and the look of a wrapping, it is now the sum total of all the images that people have in their heads about a particular company or product.

What will positive branding do for you?

Corporate Identity will differentiate you from the competition, and make it more difficult for them to compete for your customers.
Branding adds value to your company or product and creates a positive image of your business.
Attract the willingness for consumers to pay a higher price for your product or service because of the perception that your brand represents particular values that are important to the customer.
Product Branding allows you to introduce new products or services more quickly because of the relationship and trust you have developed with your customers through their attitudes towards your brand.

What can Real Profit Solutions do for you?

Real Profit Solutions Marketing Division specializes in assisting companies better understand their current market in order to better understand HOW to market to them. We focus on helping companies understand, measure and grow their corporate brands in order to achieve the success they so strongly desire.

Company Logo and Marketing Material

Working in combination with our skilled marketing and graphic design teams, we are able to create you the optimal company image brand that will assist in capturing the attention of your consumers and having them identify with your product and service. Everything from your website design and development to your brochures and business cards will consist of the same theme and feel in order to reinforce your brand status.

Current Brand Position Evaluation and Competition Analysis

By taking a look at your current market position, we will be able to evaluate where you sit in the midst of your competitors and what would be the best measures in order to increase your public brand awareness and competitive advantage.

Corporate Identity and Product & Service Brand Implementation

After designing your branded materials and concepts, imprinting your brand into the market will be your next step. We offer a wide variety of services that will help get your corporate brand out to the desired target audience. Services such as direct mail marketing and direct email marketing are quick and easy methods to directly target the right people. Other related services include PR related press releases, advertising media kits, and search engine optimization to help increase your brand exposure.

As one of the leading marketing companies in the Greater Vancouver area, we are confident in our abilities to help develop your company's potential and reach the branding status you desire. Our services are provided North America wide. Please feel free to contact us for an initial consultation and rates.


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