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Marketing Plan Implementation & Assistance

After developing a marketing plan for your business, the most difficult part of the process is following through with the marketing plan implementation.

Who are you supposed to contact? Where should you go to get your business card and brochure printing done? How do I create a press release? Where do I send it? And how can I harness the power of such things as advertising, email marketing or even website and search engine promotion to my companies advantage.

When trying to implement your marketing strategy, you will come across many how, who and where questions and can easily become swept up in a wave of confusion. Real Profit Solutions Maketing takes the guess work out of the equation and directly helps you in going through your marketing plan step by step and getting each requirement completed.

What are the implementation tasks we can cover for you

Website Design, Redesign and Website Hosting

The World Wide Web is now a standard source used by businesses to inform the public of their Products and Services. Having a professionally designed website will not only reinforce the quality behind your company, but is a vital tool in your branding & marketing implementation strategy.

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Positioning & Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO

Just like any retail store front, one of the most important factors for a website is traffic, traffic, traffic! Search Engines like Google and Yahoo are used by every web viewer in the world to find exactly what they are looking for. Having your site listed on the top 10 to 20 search results, specific to your product or service, will not only drive traffic to your website, but even more important, drive traffic that is looking for a product or service YOU! provide. Therefore... Increased sales!

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Corporate Branding, New Service/Product Branding

We offer complete corporate branding packages. From the all important company logo design to keeping all your marketing material continuous and tightly branded. We will help you achieve the brand awareness you desire and create that competitive advantage over your counter parts.

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Branding Services

Direct Mail Marketing - B2B and B2C Mail Marketing

The simplest and most direct methods to market yourself is via mail. Real Profit Solutions can make your brochures, flyers, post cards and more. Let us know your desired approach or have our marketing professionals do it for you. Everything from the graphics to the actual mailing is covered by RPS, saving you valuable time and money!

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Direct Mail Marketing Service

Newsletter, Direct Email Marketing Solutions

A popular and cost effective method to getting your information out to tens of thousands of targeted consumers is via email marketing. Use your database of customers or have RPS find a qualified double opt in list for you. Real Profit Solutions complies with the email marketing regulations and does not promote SPAM.

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Direct Email Marketing Service

Public Relations - Press Release

We will create and send out your press release to thousands of opt in journalists that will send your information to targeted channels.

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Press Release Service

Graphics, Marketing Material and Advertising

Our marketing and design professionals collaborate to deliver you the most effective materials you will use in your marketing plan. Either provide us with your own concept or have our experienced members create a powerful advertising concept for you.

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Graphic Design and Marketing Materials Service

Printing - Business Cards, Brochures, Advertisements.

Real Profit Solutions will take care of all your printing needs. Business Cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Large Flyers, Banners and much more. Contact us today to receive a free quote for your print requirements.

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Printing Services

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or estimate requests in regards to our services.


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