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Multi channel marketing makes it possible for companies to sell products at the fastest way possible. Multi channel marketing makes use of effective modern methods to introduce advertisement products into the market. On a global business scale, such a strategy is essential for company growth. A company needs to be able to reach and expose their product or service to as many consumers as possible. It is only possible by making use of multiple channels in order to present a product to the buying public.

What about everything in between?

Real Profit Solutions will help you identify and explore the channels available to be able to get your product to the market and into the end user's hands. Our focus is identifying the direct and indirect (multi tier) methods that your company can take in order to achieve the most success with your product sales. By understanding your channels, we can then provide the required material necessary to educate your up and down lines.

Getting the Word Out!

Your company recently launched a new product. So now what do you do? Educate! Your internal staff will need to learn more about the product. Your sales team will need to learn how to sell it and your call center will need to know how to troubleshoot it. Next, you will need to educate your external customers, from your distributors to the dealers. This will involve an intense educational campaign in order to ensure the success of your product. We will design for you the necessary product brand logo's, brochures and sales material to give you the professional cutting edge look and educate your channels on your products or services.

Direct Marketing

With direct channel marketing, we look at ways on how you can get your product directly to the consumer without the need of resellers. Direct sales can occur in person, via the telephone, a web site designed for an ecommerce store front or through direct email marketing and direct mail marketing. We can provide all the print ready graphic design necessary to properly promote your product and get it off your shelves.

Indirect Marketing - Multi Tier Distribution

With indirect channel marketing, it is important to identify who can possibly be the middlemen (wholesale distributor and their resellers) and how can you effectively target these groups in order to get them to want your product. Apart from your direct advertising actions, identifying, educating and aligning with your resellers can be a very difficult task. We are able to help you identify your resellers and create the appropriate and effective marketing material to sell your product to people in these channels.

As one of the leading companies for channel marketing in Vancouver we are proud to expand our channel marketing services North America wide. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or would like to request a quote.


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