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Marketing Help: 10 tips for writing a successful ad

Author - Real Profit Solutions March 2006

An advertisement done properly is a great way to grab your potential customers. Your ad could be published on the Internet, sent through direct mail or be placed in your local newspaper. Here are ten quick tips to help you to make your ad stand out.

To save part of your ad budget you have elected to try and write your advertisement yourself of at least go through the brainstorming stage. Whatever the medium — a direct mail piece, an online ad, or even a spot in your local newspaper — you need to make sure your message is clear, concise and understood by your target audience.

These tips help establish your credibility and can help your ad stand out:

1. Use Pictures. This is key. Images make people take notice and set the mood of your ad. Never underestimate the power of a perfectly selected picture and how you position it in your ad.

2. Features and Benefits are crucial. Why would someone want to buy your product or service? It is very important to talk to your audience in their language to highlight what is great and gives value to your product.

3. Mention any good solid testimonials that you may have. The testimonials should include specific and believable benefits your customers have received. It is always a good idea to collect testimonials whenever the opportunity presents itself as they always come in handy.

4. Publish any endorsements that your product may have acquired. Your product may have been subjected to third party durability tests, safety tests or quality tests. Mentioning this will boost your product's credibility.

5. Direct the readers of your ad to any positive surveys that you may have done with your customers.

6. List any publications that may have done an editorial on your business. This could be a top 10 list, a local community article, product review, food critic or even an online article which you should provide a link to.

7. Profile Yourself. Listing any books or articles that you have written positions you as an expert.

8. Always Include Your Website Address: This is important because you can drive qualified traffic to any promotional materials that you may have online. Or it just gives people an opportunity to learn more about your company and products. DO NOT send them to your website if your site is not professional looking or up to date. This will hurt your image rather than help it. Consult with a professional web site design company if your website needs to be updated.

9. If Possible offer a money back guarantee. This will remove any perceived risk with your product for potential customers. Keep a list of rules available regarding your money back guarantee so as to protect yourself from unreasonable prospects though.

10. Headlines. Your headline should make a statement to grab attention in as few words as possible. Very similar to a newspaper headline. To help, flip through your local newsletter paying attention to the headlines that make you read and why.


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10 Tips for writing a successful ad
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