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Marketing Articles: Properly Qualify Your Customers

Author - Real Profit Solutions March 2006

Qualify Your Customer

Save Resource – Qualify Prospects

The marketplace is now global and the competition is fierce.

Managers of all types and sizes of companies feel real pressure to increase sales and simultaneously reduce selling and marketing costs. Qualifying your prospects has never been more important from a business perspective.

What the heck is Prospect Qualifying?

This consists primarily of asking in-depth questions and organizing the answers for better decision-making and comparison to successful customers. For example:

• What business is your prospect in? - Manufacturing? Service? Retail?
• How do they see themselves in the Marketplace?
• Do they specialize, or are they generalists?
• How big is your prospect in terms of Annual Sales?
• How big is your prospect in terms of Employee Size?
• Where are your prospects located? Locally? Regionally?

The cumulative answers to these important questions help business managers pursue two goals: SHORTEN the sales cycle and INCREASE the likelihood that sales prospects place orders.

**What is the cost to your company for the acquisition of each customer? How can you lower that figure?

The Right Questions

Spending the time to plan not only your questions but also the answers that you NEED sets you up for future success. You can generate a huge time and hard cost savings in future.

To really be set up for success, plan your next steps carefully.

Example Next Steps

Imagine that after the above you have 400 prospects and 10 reps on your team.

1. You know Annual Sales and Employee Size for every prospect. And, since you know your customers, you have a verified Customer Profile.

2. 100 prospects match your Customer Profile closely.

3. 100 do not match your profile and 200 or so are average matches.

You will close more sales faster by sending your sales reps to the top 100 prospects first which saves time. How are you saving time? You are not wasting your sales rep’s time on prospects that don’t match your chosen profile.

Facts: Formal Qualifying

1. Businesses that perform detailed analysis of their potential prospects AND ONLY target and invest in proper Marketing Strategy succeed the most.

2. Qualifying based on deep sources of business data from Real Profit Solutions provides a great advantage.

3. Today’s data rich business environment and computer technology allows for inexpensive prospecting programs for businesses of all sizes.

4. Inexpensive formal prospecting analysis is available to all businesses — from small mom and pop operations to the largest corporations.

Example of Informal Qualifying

A definition of this area is common sense or judgment.


If you sell the latest, most expensive computer systems to large companies, should you market to large charity organizations, churches, or schools?

They probably do not have the funds and budget to afford your product, right? Even though formal qualifying yields a match your sales reps should be trained to utilize sound judgment and experience to the qualification process.


1. Prospect qualifying closes more sales faster, saves time, and saves money.

2. Formal prospect qualifying is affordable using business data sources to answer key questions and then matching your Customer Profile.

3. Informal prospect qualifying adds sales rep experience and judgment to the process.


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Marketing Articles - How to qualify your customers
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